March 23, 2019
Your CRM sucks

No one wants to be sat in a coffee shop entering CRM data.

People hate entering data. They see it stopping them doing “the important stuff”, but the CRM is here to stay and it needs to be hold meaningful data.

This presents a challenge. It is difficult to keep up a conversation with the customer and make notes that you have to try and decipher at the end of a day on the road. This leads to missing detail & data in your system. And what will a lack of data lead to? A CRM delivering no value. In short, it sucks.

More importantly, it is difficult to close deals when having to go back to customers without the having those records available.

Sales Pitch Pro is is a key part of your meeting, helping understand the customer requirements, the stakeholders within the sale, the products that have been pitched to the customer, and much more. All this data is captured and automatically entered into your CRM.

Suddenly your CRM has high-quality data. Why are customers buying? What problems do they have? Who holds budget? What are the next steps? Who is the competition? All this data is now available, leaving your salespeople to focus on what they are good at – selling.

A CRM filled with high-quality data can be a valuable tool, turn yours into one today.

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