Maximise Sales Success

Implement a repeatable, consistent sales process and message that leverages success from across your sales team.

Pitch like a pro

Identify and pitch the most relevant products for your customer’s pain points. Sales Pitch Pro allows you to present the USPs and benefits for every product in your portfolio, ensuring your team is able to quickly and successfully pitch a product to the customer.

Identify your audience

Ensure your team sells the synergies within your product portfolio. Sales Pitch Pro positions cross selling opportunities for your sales force to present to the customer, ensuring your team is able to maximise the value they can deliver to the customer.

Analytics driven messaging

Sales Pitch Pro analytics measures the success of product messaging specific to the vertical segment and the customer audience you are selling to. Ensuring that the messaging being delivered by your sales force is the most successful and able to deliver maximum revenue.

Standardise success

Replicating sales success across a diverse sales force can prove very hard to achieve. Sales Pitch Pro makes it easy by pushing an easy to follow sales process into your sales force that updates to reflect the most successful sales pitch. Take successful pitches and messaging and make sure your entire sales team follows it.

Enhance sales methods

Whatever your preferred sales methodology Sales Pitch Pro pushes it to the extreme. Whether you prefer Miller Heimann, SPIN Method, Challenger Sales or any other methodologies they can be built right into Sales Pitch Pro, pushing your sales team to deliver the right message and ask the right questions to the customer.

Present to your audience

Sales Pitch Pro is your ultimate presentation tool, putting all your sales collateral at your fingertips. To ensure that your team gets the message across Sales Pitch Pro presents appropriate product collateral for your customer segment and the people in the room, making sure that you make only the very best and most relevant presentations.

Discuss, present, cross-sell, repeat

Sales Pitch Pro implements a consistent, repeatable sales process across your sales force. Pitch your USPs, present the most appropriate messaging collateral, and then cross-sell other products in the portfolio.

Cross-selling is pushed to the fore in the process, with product synergies being highlighted right in front of the sales person to ensure they sell the value of your entire product line.

Data driven analytics drive continuous refinement of your sales pitch, enhancing your pitch specific to the market segment and the audience you are selling to.