Improve sales team efficiency

Improve sales operations efficiency & transparency and ensure business continuity through increased CRM adoption and reporting quality.

Drive utilisation of your CRM by making it a seamless, automated activity.

Sales operations shouldn’t involve early mornings in a coffee shop entering yesterdays meeting notes into a CRM. Automate CRM reporting with high quality, standardised reports.


Share collateral

Sales Pitch Pro shares sales collateral with your customer directly from the meeting. Customer emails contain links to each individual piece of collateral that you share with them and it’s all done before you leave the meeting.

Track customer interest

It is common to use email tracking to evaluate the effectiveness of a mass mailing, however, Sales Pitch Pro tracks the download of each individual piece of collateral and notifies the sales person as soon as the link is clicked. Knowing when the materials have been downloaded helps the sales person know when to make follow-up calls and which products or applications have resonated the most during their meetings.

CRM automation

A CRM is only ever as good as the data that is put into it. Unfortunately most sales people hate entering that data and so trying to increase the utility of these systems can be difficult. Sales Pitch Pro integrates with your CRM, creating contact records and meeting notes automatically, increasing the adoption of the system across the team and improving the effectiveness of your chosen CRM.

Standardised data

Sales Pitch Pro’s CRM integration standardises the data that is entered into your CRM. During integration, you decide how you want meeting notes to be created and Sales Pitch Pro will make sure that every meeting will follow that same format, making it easy to track the status of an opportunity and manage your team.

Meet, share, save

Sales Pitch Pro integrates with your CRM, automatically logging your meeting and creating new contacts before you have even left the building.

Details such as the collateral shared and required follow-up actions are added to the meeting notes, standardising and improving the quality of the data stored in the system.