Accelerate Sales Cycles

Establish customer mindshare, leverage industry knowledge, increase revenue and margin.
Reduce sales cycles through high quality meetings.

Qualify by vertical

Identify customer pain points using the Sales Intelligence Engine. Sales Pitch Pro identifies customer pain points based on the market segment for that customer. Customer pains specific to that vertical are highlighted ready for the sales person to identify.

Identify your audience

Different roles within an organisation will have different pain points and different concerns that need addressing. Now you can identify the pain points specific to the audience in the room, identify the products relevant to them and pitch the correct messaging to address their needs.

Understand customer pains

Build a profile of the customer pains and drivers. Utilise previous success stories and industry knowledge to demonstrate an understanding of the issues they face and the value you can bring in removing those issues. Then identify and present the most relevant products in your portfolio.

Challenge your customer

Sales Pitch Pro makes identifying and addressing customer pain points easy. Now challenge your customer by identifying industry trends that they may not have yet encountered, or other pain points relevant to their role that they have not considered. Demonstrate value by considering the impact of disruptive technologies on their business and how you can address this.

Upskill your sales force

Sales Pitch Pro upskills your sales force, allowing them to identify product solutions to customer pains without requiring additional sales support resources.

Giving individual sales people the ability to propose solutions and demonstrate industry knowledge delivers value to the customer much earlier in the sales cycle and ultimately reduces the time to close a sale.