March 20, 2019
What you’re telling your customer has no value.

What you’re telling your customer has no value.

You have to sell value. If you’ve ever gone back to your manager looking for discount you may have come away with “sell the value” ringing in your ears and without that crucial pricing you were sure would land that order.

But if you don’t know the problem that your customer is facing then you don’t understand what value your products can bring to them. As you meet with them thinking you are describing the incredibly clever USPs of your product, potentially what you are telling them has no value. None.

Value is something that is perceived by individuals. In order to make the customer recognise the value that you can deliver you need to align your thinking with theirs, and to do that you need to have an exceptional discovery conversation.

A great discovery conversation opens up an opportunity. Reducing the time needed to describe the benefits of a solution, and the commercials will be that much easier if the user of the solution has a compelling need that is being met.

Sales Pitch Pro enables exceptional discovery, ensures you are addressing customer needs. Making sure you are delivering customer value.

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