September 20, 2017
What Does the Future of Sales Look Like?

There is one thing that excites me a lot and that is how the sales industry is changing. When you look back at the history of sales, whilst the core values of the profession stay the same, the environment, tools and people have changed a lot. As the world around us advances so must we and so the future of sales is a very interesting place.

Here are my top predictions for how sales will change and advance over the next 5-10 years:

Artificial Intelligence Will Reign Supreme

AI will most definitely take away a certain amount of sales jobs, it’s just a reality we must face. People are becoming more comfortable spending larger amounts online without any human interaction and this is becoming a preferred method of purchasing for many younger generations.

Artificial Intelligence will also take over the sales floor helping enhance many of the processes used by sales professionals. It won’t stop there, you’ll also find AI playing a significant role in sales management. AI will be listening to your sales calls, providing feedback, guiding you through the process and managing your KPI’s. It will do this with precision, consistency and real data-driven insight.

Sales Enablement Will Create Sales Legends

Utilising the combination of software and data, sales enablement programmes and platforms will help create real sales legends. Sales professionals who truly utilise these systems will have what will look like superpowers. They will have unique almost “mind reading” information and insight into their customers, they will have the ability to provide personalised information at the click of a button and expert sales guidance 24/7.

These platforms will give sales people tools like they’ve never had before and will be used by the top sales professionals everywhere. There will still be plenty who resist this change and who push against these platforms but ultimately, they will be the ones who struggle to hit target and perform.

Young Generations Will Become Decision Makers

We may turn our nose up at millennials right now but over the next 5-10 years, they will soon start to dominate a much larger percentage of decision maker positions making them key buyers. This is going to have a huge impact on how we sell as the way they buy is a lot different to older generations filling those positions now. What may have taken a phone call will now be done through an instant message, face to face meetings will be done via video call and the way we sell will become far more collaborative.

This change is happening already and change is never easy. There are a lot of sales people, sales leaders, even sales experts resisting this change but it is inevitable. Sales people live to serve their customers and our processes as sales people will always be based on the buying journey our customers want to take, not what we want them to take.

Selling Will Become Far More Collaborative

The sales process will be less about someone buying something and more about a buyer and seller collaborating on something. It will be 2 parties or 2 businesses coming together to find solutions, work together, partner and create mutual opportunities. Whilst a lot of lower value purchasing will go online and become transactional, medium to higher value orders will become far more based on trust and relationships which will be forged through true collaboration.

The most successful sales professionals will be those who don’t stand above their prospects and customers as the expert, but those who stand on equal levels as a partner.

What do you think will change in the future of sales?

These are just a few of my key predictions for the future of sales, what are yours? I’d love to know how you think sales will change over the next 5-10 years, make sure you share this blog on your social channels, tag us in and let us know what changes you think will happen!

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