Sales enablement for partners

Partner enablement increases international sales, enables targetted support and improves partner forecasting.

Partner Enablement Is Key To Your International Success

Continuous improvement of your product messaging specific to market segment and customer audience is essential to give your team the edge over the competition

Sales Pitch Pro is an essential part of a partner management toolkit, increasing sales through your partner channels by upskilling partner sales teams and enabling management of the external sales team.


Your sales partner is an extension of your sales force. They are selling the same products as your internal sales team and face the identical challenges as your sales team. In most cases a sales partner will experience those same challenges to a much higher degree as the focus on sales training, product training and communicating success stories and the latest product messaging will usually be restricted to the internal sales teams. Sales Pitch Pro brings the same benefits to a sales partner in a sales meetings as they do to direct sales people, but the benefits can be much greater. While direct sales people exclusively focus on your product line the sales partner has a diverse portfolio from multiple vendors, with the net result being they have less time and experience spent on selling your product. Sales Pitch Pro can upskill the sales partner to the same level as similarly equipped direct sales people. “Sales Pitch Pro brings the same benefits to a sales partner as they do to direct sales people, but the benefits can be much greater in scale.”

Sales partners don’t need to be a “black hole” in your sales strategy.

Your sales partner is a separate organisation. Whilst they are selling your product portfolio they do not necessarily have the same priorities and strategies to grow their business as you have to grow yours. Working with and managing strategies for a sales partner, identifying their strengths and areas that require further work and development is a difficult task, compounded by the fact that the team you are trying to manage aren’t part of your organisation. Equipping external teams with Sales Pitch Pro provides valuable insight into the activity of the external team through the use of front line sales behaviour analytics. Now you can see how often the partners are meeting with customers about your products, which verticals they are concentrating on and how well they sell. This level of knowledge is previously unheard of in partner management and enables broader plans to be put in place to develop that channel.

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