Upskill your entire sales team

Enable your internal and external teams to sell complex product portfolios.

Successfully qualify, position and sell large or technical product portfolios

If you have a large or technical product portfolio, it can be difficult for your sales team to recognise an opportunity with a customer.

Your team may have a good grasp of your core product set – the most commonly sold products that are the bread and butter of the company – but without a similar level of familiarity and exposure to the entire product line, they may not recognise every potential opportunity.

Even if they do recognise that they have a possible solution to offer a customer, they probably cant then describe what those products or services are that make up a solution.

Sales Pitch Pro enables your team to identify opportunities for every product, identify a solutiona and present it to the customer and then cross-sell other related offerings. In other words they can sell the entire product portfolio.

Easy portfolio selling

No more "let me get back to you on that".
Sales Pitch Pro gives your team the ability to sell your entire portfolio.

Identify relevant solutions immediately

Sales Pitch Pro guides your team through discovery conversations, showing them how to have a meaningful conversation and then identifying the requirements of the customer.

In many cases a sales person can enter a meeting with an agenda, for example they may be under the impression that a new product will be most suitable, without qualifying that need. Sales Pitch Pro makes an independent analysis on what solutions the customer might need, without any pre-existing bias.

The app presents the sales person a list of solutions relevant only to the needs of the customer in the meeting, from across the full range of products and services your company offers.

A salesman engaged in a discovery conversation with his customer

Sell in a way relevant to the customer, and the solution

A major challenge when faced with selling a broad product portfolio is understanding that the sales process will be different based on the type of product being sold and the type of customer.

Some of the products that your team has to sell may be low-consideration products. In this case your customer will have a few qualifying requirements in order to purchase, for example does the battery last X hours? Can it fit within a certain space? is it compatible with an existing process? In these cases it is easy to oversell the customer, taking up too much time with presenting the customer large amounts of data when they are looking to make a fast purchase decision.

Other products in your portfolio may be high-consideration products. When positioning these products there are most customer stakeholders involved in the decision, each with their own questions and needs that will have to be addressed.

The difficulty is understanding which way to sell and what to present in each case.

Sales Pitch Pro guides your sales people through a face-to-face meeting or remote sales call in a way that is most suitable to the customer and the product.

The sales person is shown what information to present based on which market segment the customer is in, who is participating in the meeting, the customer requirement and the product being presented.

Knowing what to say, and when to say it

Time with the customer is limited, so a sales person needs to make the most impact as possible when they have it.

Sales Pitch Pro makes all of your customer content and collateral available at the touch of a button. Only in our case we took away the button. Instead of relying on the sales person to know what they should be presenting, Sales Pitch Pro presents the most relevant information to your sales person, allowing them to present the product in a way that is relevant to, and meets the need of the customer in the meeting.

Meeting with the technical team? The app might identify technical data, presentations and datasheets.

Meeting with the finance team? It might be ROI calculations or purchase model presentations.

Is a specific competitor already involved? Then it will be differentiating  materials.

And it will all be only what is relevant to the people in that room, with those specific needs.

Cross sell your entire product portfolio

When you have a large, diverse product portfolio to sell, or a concentrated set of products for   a specific use you will inevitably have synergies between them to cross-sell.

It’s easy for a sales person to focus only on the direct opportunity in front of them, so Sales Pitch Pro will highlight opportunities to sell other products. It shows the sales person not only which product, but also why the customer might be interested in it. 

Sales Pitch Pro will again guide the sales person through presenting the product if the customer is interested in proceeding.

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