December 11, 2017
Sales Pitch Pro now available on the desktop

Sales Pitch Pro took sales enablement tools to a new place – the customer-facing sales meeting.

An intuitive app designed for use by sales teams while meeting with the customer, unobtrusive so not to disturb the flow of the conversation. It guides salespeople through a meeting, showing them how to engage with customers in a manner that allows them to identify customer pains and requirements, then identifies products in their portfolio that can solve those pains, before showing them how to position that solution.

This same functionality is now available on the desktop through a browser, allowing inside sales staff making sales calls access to the same benefits that Sales Pitch Pro bring to sales meetings.

If your inside sales team is trying to identify customer requirements to pitch a range of products, Sales Pitch Pro increases the quality of the opportunity qualification and allows them to position the full value proposition of your product portfolio while still on the initial call, and without requiring specialist support.

As a browser-based app Sales Pitch Pro is now available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux computers.

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