March 25, 2019
Move your pipeline pinch

Where is your pipeline pinch?

If your sales funnel isn’t delivering revenue there are many options you can explore.

“We need more leads” the sales team cry, but knowing why the team aren’t delivering is critical before taking action.

Generating leads is a difficult, expensive task, so it’s important to know if simply adding leads will generate sales. If the issue is with conversion, then putting your time and money into lead generation may generate more sales, however, the cost of sales will be higher than it should be.

So why aren’t those leads converting into to sales? Analysing the state of the funnel allows you to identify the pinch points in your funnel.
Now, what do you do? How can you reduce the number of deals lost in the pipeline and increase the rate of deals flowing through and converting into orders?

Sales Pitch Pro increases conversion rates. If your team struggles with qualification or positioning your solutions, equipping your team with Sales Pitch Pro will enable them to better qualify their deals, automatically identify solutions and aligning those solutions with the customer need – making them immediately relevant to key stakeholders.

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