May 6, 2021
Is your CRM working for you? Or are you working for it?

How well are your sales team using your company’s CRM?

Your CRM is only as good as the data entered into it by the people within your business. When it comes right down to it, people hate entering that data. They see it as a chore that takes time away from them being able to do “the important stuff”.

When you ask your team what excites them about their job, some might say “the opportunity to help my customer”, some might say “the freedom and flexibility to do my job”. We would put money down that none of them say “I love how I get to type up my meeting notes into the CRM”.

Salespeople hate spending their evenings entering meeting notes into a CRM. They really hate it. So they don’t do it.

But the CRM is here to stay, and they have a responsibility to make sure that it is kept up to date with meaningful and accurate data.

Even for the most well-meaning of people, this can present a challenge though, during a customer meeting it is difficult to keep up the conversation with the customer while making adequate notes, especially ones that you have to try and decipher at the end of the day. This leads to no detail and missing data in your system. And what will a lack of data going into your CRM result in? A lack of value coming out of it. More importantly, it can be harder to close complex deals when having to go back to customers and not having a reliable snapshot of the state of that deal.

Sales Pitch Pro removes the burden of taking those notes and making those CRM entries. It is an integral part of your meeting, helping understand the customer requirements, who the stakeholders are, the products that you pitched, and much more. All this data is captured and automatically entered into your CRM.
Suddenly you can fill your CRM with high-quality data. Why is this customer buying from us? What problems do they have? Who holds the budget? What are the next steps? Who is the competition? All this data can suddenly be available at your fingertips. Leaving your salespeople to focus on what they are good at. Selling (hopefully!)

Complex deals become more transparent, with your team able to understand the subtleties of the deals they are working on, how they are delivering value to the customer, and the stakeholders involved in the deal.

Talk to us now to see how we can reduce your sales cycle, create more high quality leads from calls and reduce the time your team spend on CRM admin so they can spend more time selling.

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