August 27, 2019
How can I get my team to use our CRM?


The CRM is often the first sales supporting technology a company will invest in, yet in so many company’s the sales team just don’t use it.

All the investment made in subscriptions, training, integration into web sites – it all becomes worthless if the tool is not being used during the sales process.

So how can you get your team to use the company CRM?

There are two simple things you need to do.


1 – Make it so that the CRM is valuable to them.

2 – Make it so easy to do that they aren’t even aware they are really doing it.

Luckily both these things are easily achievable.


1 – Making the CRM valuable

The CRM is often regarded as  a tool for the sales manager, something a sales person has to live with so the boss can see whether they are on track to achieve quota. For the business it can be an invaluable tool, providing continuity of business and production forecast functions amongst other things.

In this way the sales person themself can often see little value to themselves from having to perform CRM related tasks.

The monotous tasks of entering names and details of customers they have met, entering meeting notes, updating the status of deals can feel like thankless and pointless wastes of time.

Using Sales Pitch Pro puts meaningful CRM data in front of the sales person at a time when they typically have little or no support available to them – in a customer meeting.

By being able to quickly identify who is in the meeting, the sales person can get insights into previously purchased products, other opebn opportunities and who else within the organisation they can use as references in order to make the meeting a success.



2 – Making it easy to do

Keeping the data in the CRM current can feel like it takes a significant amount of time. Sales people can spend their evenings in front of their omputer entering data that they try to remember from meetings, trying to read their notes and decipher them.

Imagine if all that was taken away and replaced with one simple button.

That is just how easy it is to do with Sales Pitch Pro.

Sales Pitch Pro captures the progress of the meeting as it is still in progress. High quality meeting reports are generated using the data captured from the meeting, including who was in attendance, the problems the customer needs solving, the products and services discussed, commercial qualification data and much more.


So what do I need to do?

It’s easy – get in touch with us today by filling in the form below to request a demo. We can show you just how easy it is to automatically create accounts, contacts and rich, meaningful reports into your CRM.



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