December 11, 2017
Front Line Sales Enablement Tools Will Make Onboarding Sales Reps Easier

Onboarding new salespeople is a costly and time-consuming task

Once a new salesperson is hired a business spends time and money to get them as productive as possible as quickly as possible so they can get out in front of customers and sell! This process can take weeks to complete and can involve formal training sessions, internal training sessions with product groups or other members of the sales team, “buddying up” with new colleagues and a lot of time working on becoming familiar with the product portfolio.

Using frontline sales enablement tools, it is possible for new sales reps to be able to work independently faster than ever before.

Using sales tools for onboarding

Frontline sales enablement tools are designed to be used in meetings to guide salespeople through customer facing meetings or sales calls to help them open a dialogue with the customer, qualify the business pains the customer is facing and identify & present the products that can address those issues. This allows all members of a sales team to have meaningful interaction with the customer even if they do not usually focus on the market segment the customer is in, or if they are not entirely familiar with the products that they need to present to the customer. The upskilling of the team in this way has an even greater impact on new team members, allowing them to attend meetings earlier than they would have done previously.

In fact, the same tools can be used as training aids, allowing the new hires to explore customer scenarios and see how their products fit into those.

Going it alone

Once the new sales rep is able to attend meetings with customers they will be able to do so independently much quicker with the assistance of sales AI. Instead of extended periods of buddying up with a specific team member, the AI can leverage the experience of the entire sales team and advise the new sales rep on how to position the full portfolio of products. This process is unobtrusive and should go unnoticed by the customer, a far cry from being in the room with a more experienced colleague sitting nearby who subtly tries to point out mistakes by clearing their throat or giving urgent looks to get the speakers attention.

Reducing churn

Using sales enablement tools as part of a larger onboarding strategy will enable new staff to adapt to their new business environment much faster, with a better understanding of how to interact with customers and a better understanding of the value proposition of the product portfolio. Giving them this breadth of knowledge and allowing them to get stuck into the task at hand faster empowers them to develop into valuable team members much faster than before and will reduce the risk of them leaving the business.

In summary, sales enablement tools are here to develop and augment the skills of your sales team. Used as part of an onboarding program these same tools can have a huge impact on making new hires more productive quicker than previously possible.

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