February 8, 2019
Elements of Building a Repeatable Sales Process

Quotas, sales goals, marketing targets, new leads, and new deals—these are the numbers that matter, and that salespeople want to hit.

In sales, regardless of the industry you are in or who you are targeting, the end goal is finding that ideal customer and securing that sale. This can be achieved through a directed, systematic series of actions. The advantages of working with a systematic set of steps can be summed up in two words: consistency and efficiency.


Building a process helps your team to improve your overall long-term consistency – which results in higher sales numbers – and efficiency – which results in lower cost of sales – so you can enjoy a nice boost to both your revenues and margins. This applies to all aspects of your sales process, from your prospecting all the way to closing.

So how do you achieve consistency & efficiency in a real-world scenario?


Know your customers — research what keeps your customer awake at night, what problems are they having that are preventing them from meeting their business objectives. Understanding the needs of the customer in the various segments that you serve enables you to create a sales message the aligns your products with those needs.

Know the industry trends that are affecting the market and use the knowledge gained from customer meetings to build out and expand that knowledge to include how the trends directly impact customer now and how they think they will be affected in the future.

Know your stakeholders. Not just the prospects who may have a need, you need to understand the typical stakeholders involved in a sale. What are the usual roles of people involved in closing a deal in your target businesses? As well as the initial prospect, are there technical sign-offs that usually need to be obtained, do other departments usually have an involvement?

Know your own products. You know how your company believes your products should be used and the value they can bring, but understanding how your customer uses them in practice, how they affect the everyday routine of customer and the bigger picture of how they may disrupt business models are essential to understanding and positioning and full value you can deliver.

This knowledge is essential to building your sales messaging. Delivering this message consistently in ways that make it relevant to the customer are essential to success. It’s not enough to know the facts surrounding the product, the industry and its use, but understanding how those relate to the individual stakeholders and delivering those critical points to the appropriate individual consistently. Delivering the message in a context relevant to the stakeholder increases the impact the message will have. Telling a financial stakeholder about the technical aspects of your product may not interest them, explaining how those technical aspects will affect their OPEX over the next year makes the message much more powerful.

Having a sales force that delivers that message consistently will significantly increase their success in closing sales.
To operate more efficiently the team must be able to recognise immediately which part of the sales message to deliver in any particular sales meeting. Ensuring the relevance and completeness of the value proposition will result in fewer follow-on meetings and outstanding action items requiring completing before closing the sale. This process increases the efficiency of the sales team by reducing the length of the sale process, enabling them to move onto the next customer.


This process of focusing on consistency and efficiency allows for a massive increase in overall sales and marketing efficiency, because instead of reaching out and delivering low-value messaging based on only limited information, your teams instead can invest their time into reaching out to the high-value targets and delivering a repeatable, on-target message that customers are more likely to respond to.

Sales Pitch Pro enables the implementation of an on-target messaging process, making your sales engagements consistently on-point and relevant, increasing the efficiency of your sales team.

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