March 24, 2019
Back office analytics aren’t helping your sales team.

Back office analytics aren’t helping your sales team.

It’s easy to apply analytics to examine typical sales metrics.
✅ Funnel analysis
✅ Email conversion
✅ Deal closure rate
✅ A bunch of other metrics from data in the back office

None of that is useful to you when a sales person is talking to the customer trying to identify and present a relevant value proposition.

In order to make sales meetings a success you need to be able to leverage data gained from those customer meetings and use that to influence future conversations as they happen.

Sales Pitch Pro captures context and success metrics from your entire team and uses that data in future meetings to make realtime AI based recommendations while your sales person is still talking to the customer.

In this way data can be used to guide your team through their discovery conversations, highlighting key pain points for the customer and to identify your most valuable solution for that customer.

The end result? Your sales team become more effective in the area where they have the least available support… in front of the customer.

Want to empower your team? Use a sales AI to transform their next meeting, not analyse where it went wrong.

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