July 30, 2019
Automate sales success with Sales Pitch Pro and SET for Business CRM

Automate sales success with Sales Pitch Pro and SET for Business CRM through our new integration!

Using Sales Pitch Pro and SET For Business a sales team can increase their success through the use of the SAIL AI to drive incredible discovery conversations and product positioning along with automation of high-quality data reporting into the SET for Business CRM.


Using Sales Pitch Pro, a sales team can quickly identify who is in their meeting using data within SET For Business in real-time. A salesperson can then qualify the customer’s roles as stakeholders for an opportunity and how they reacted within the sales meeting. All this can be saved back into the SET For Business CRM without having to make manual notes or having to enter data after the meeting.

Sales Pitch Pro identifies, captures and stores customer requirements, turns those into solution recommendations to meet the exact customer need and enables the delivery of the perfect value proposition. All these details are automatically saved into the #CRM, enabling easy management over the course of the sale.

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