August 30, 2019
3 easy steps to cross selling


If your business supplies multiple services or products it can be difficult for the sales team to position the full range of products to customers. Often they can identify a solution to fulfil a specific need but fail to present a wider solution or related products that could also bring value to the customer, concentrating solely on getting an order for an individual product.

Cross selling the full product portfolio is a huge step toward forming long term relationships with customers and achieving quota for them team.

It’s easy to get your team cross-selling other product, just follow these three steps below.


1 – Understand the customer needs

Understanding the immediate customer need is key to being able to identify product solutions to offer. The more of the customers problems you can identify the larger amount of products in your portfolio you can offer and leverage the synergies of. 


2 – Understand what your solutions solve

Your team might know how to deliver the elevator pitch for the products in your portfolio, but do they know what problems they can solve for the customer? Understanding the relevant of the product to the customer pain is essential.


3 – Understand how your products work together

If you have a range of products in your portfolio it’s important to understand what the complementary offerings are. While a single product might be able to solve some amount of the customer problems, they might be able to get a lot more value from a combination of products bundled into a package.


Ok, so maybe getting your team to be able to do this isn’t going to be as easy as it could be. In order to be able to effectively cross sell your full portfolio of solutions your team will need to fully understand your customers, the industries they work in, in-depth details about your products and services and more. And this is where Sales Pitch Pro steps in to help with it’s knowledge of all these things.

Sales Pitch Pro helps your team have a more in-depth discovery conversation, broadening the area of conversation and making it easy to capture the customer pain points that need solving.

Leveraging knowledge gained from other customers within the same industry enables your team to examine other related areas that the customer might not have considered in order to raise their awareness of other issues that might affect them. Sales Pitch Pro then can identify a range of relevant products for the sales person to talk about with the customer. As well as identifying the most immediately relevant products to address the highest priority issues for the customer, Sales Pitch Pro will identify other products and explain how they can add additional value. 


So what do I need to do?

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