We guide your sales team to amazingly successful sales meetings

Our award winning software helps
your sales people:

Start a relevant customer conversation

Qualify the customers needs

Identify solutions from your portfolio

Position the solution relevant to the customer need

Identify and cross-sell related products


of sales teams we surveyed were unable to qualify requirements for every product in their portfolio

Our app empowers your whole team to sell your entire product portfolio.

Sales teams use Sales Pitch Pro to guide them through brilliant sales meetings. We put the information they need to sell your complete product range at their fingertips when they need it.

Here’s how we do it.


Who is in this meeting?

Using our app, a sales person captures which of your market segments the customer is in, then, what are the roles of the people in the meeting. After this we make sure everything is relevant to these people in this segment.


Let’s get talking

The key to a good sales meeting is conversation. We suggest ways to kickstart the meeting with topics relevant to the people in the room (or on the call!)


Understand the need

You need to understand what is important to this customer. We capture the customer’s requirements and leverage your industry knowledge to identify other needs they may not even have considered.


Identify a solution

You may have just a few products in your portfolio or hundreds. Regardless of the number or complexity, we identify the most relevant solutions from your entire product range that you should present to the customer.


Present the solution

We identify how to present your products or services to the customer. Based on who is in the room and the requirements, we recognise the key messages to deliver and explain these. We’ll then tell your salesperson which collateral pieces they should present and have this ready for them.


Next steps

You want to progress an opportunity as swiftly as possible. So you’ll need help explaining competitive differentiators and handling any concerns the customer has. We’ve got that covered. We’ll then identify the actions agreed with the customer and log the whole meeting in your CRM, ready for the next steps.

An Easy To Use App That Drives Meetings

Have calls that customers will love. Stay on point and relevant. Run a different type of meeting, a meeting that will convert into revenue and do it faster.

Mark S A Smith

Business Growth Strategist
The Enablement Group

“It compresses the sales process because it decreases the amount of risk and delivers the right amount of information to the right person at the right time so they can step forward in their purchasing process in confidence.”

The Full Solution

Sales Pitch Pro is more than just an app. It’s a continuous improvement cycle that drives successful methodologies across your sales team and utilises AI to identify how to make the most impact on the customer.

Sales Pitch Pro App

Easy qualification and positioning.

Our app guides you through a sales call, identifying and qualifying the customer needs.

Sales Pitch Pro stores all the Sales Intelligence for your product portfolio, and will show you exactly the benefits and USPs for the product in ways that will resonate with your audience so you can make your best pitch.

Sales Meeting Analytics

Do you know how your team sells?

Sales Pitch Pro analytics uses data from every meeting to analyse how your team are selling. From overview data to granular analysis of each sales person identifying needs for highly specific training and development.

We break down how well your messaging is working across your customer segments and the roles of the people you work with, enabling you to revise messaging for specific situations.


Say hello to SAIL, the sales AI.

The only member of your team not expecting commission.

SAIL uses experience gained from from previous meetings to make suggestions to you in todays meeting.

Propel Your Team Into Outstanding Meetings


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